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Thursday, November 3, 2011

breakfast vs driving class


da bebarape hari x update blog ni rasenya ... bizi sesangat ~ esaimen bertimbun dan tak habis2 ~
ditambah pulak ngan driving class yang baru bermula .... wahhhhh ~ eksaited u know ~ for someone who never ever moving the gear and turning the steering ~ now i can drive ~ wahhhaaaaahhhaaahhaa ~ 

in the age of 21, i now get the L licence (not yet P ok) ... im the learner now ... both  for the B2 and D licence ~
yesterday was my first class after holding the L licence ... seriously excited u know ~ and u know what? for being 2 hours for both driving and riding the motorcycle yesterday ~ now my body feel so itchy ... damn it !!! 

while waiting to be picked up by the teacher, after had the breakfast ... together with shila n paloi, we went to the KFC for our second breakfast (ade ke??) ... mane x gemooookkkkk ko ni ruiska ??!!!!  ehehehe ~ pas makan nasik, makan lagi bubur nasi .... one cup share with shila ... ehehehe ~ terbaek

bubur nasi + teh tarik

zoom in bubur nasi ~



p/s ::: can't wait for next driving class tomorrow ~ tehhheeeee ~ ;p

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